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Migdalia Arnán is a board-certified pathologist in anatomical pathology and clinical pathology and in blood banking. She practiced preventive medicine and nutrition for a few years after she stopped her practice in pathology. She strongly supports the elimination of mandatory vaccination. Dr. Arnán is currently practicing Energy Healing, including Removing Trapped Emotions and Blockages, Traditional Chinese … Read More

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"As Arnán writes in the start, and again in the end of the book, that the book will be helpful not only to the highly specialized persons like for example researchers, but also to the general public interested in learning and take active part in their health. After now having finished reading the book I fully can give her favor in this; that is good for both of the groups of persons."

—Gert Bo Thorgersen, Amazon reviewer

"Thank you for writing this book. It really helps me understand what happens in the human body on a cellular scale."

—Barnes & Noble reviewer


Aug 07, 2017

Can The Effect Of Aging Be Reversed?

Aging is defined as the process of becoming older. This includes a number of biological mechanisms that lead to deterioration of health cognitive and physical. Great number of studies have focused on means that could combat aging at its core. Many researchers believe the effects of aging are the result of numerous genetic and environmental … Read More

Posted By: Migdalia Arnán

Jul 24, 2017

Mindful Meditation A Poweful Healer.

Mindful meditation was introduced by Jon Kabat-Zinn to numerous American Hospitals during the past 30 years. He teaches at the University of Massachusetts. Although there are many types of meditation, this type consists of focusing on the sensations of the present moment, and nothing more. Breath is used as a focal point by bringing the … Read More

Posted By: Migdalia Arnán

Jul 13, 2017

The Importance Of Eating Cruciferous Veggies

Everyone knows that eating vegetables has profound health benefits, but if we look closely at their phytochemical (plant based chemical) content, or the growing amount of research into their specific effects on the body and disease, a few vegetables appear to be a “miracle” foods. One such group of veggies are those of the Brassica … Read More

Posted By: Migdalia Arnán

Jun 16, 2017

The Importance Of Probiotic, and of Vitamin D.

What are probiotics?  Probiotics are the normal bacteria found in the gastrointestinal tract.  When they are in diverse and balance and in numbers, these bacteria protect us from pathogens and toxins, make neurotransmitters, certain vitamins, and anti-inflammatory compounds, support healthy detoxification; and impact how much we weight, how our immune system function, the state of … Read More

Posted By: Migdalia Arnán