Knowing When to Seek Advice for Trapped Emotions

It Can Happen to You

Emotions are as complex as the humans who feel them, for emotions are closely associated with mood, temperament, personality, disposition, and motivation. There are many different stimulants that affect emotions each day, and conflicting feelings lead to anxiety, depression, or both.

Anxiety, considered the affliction of the millennial generation, and depression are the haunting specters that loom over the stressed individual. These mental monsters creep into the psyche often undetected. Those afflicted usually cannot detect the symptoms and often suffer greatly before realizing what they have, and sometimes, realizations come too late.

This is the importance of self-evaluation and introspection. Assessing oneself constantly is key to a healthy physical and mental well-being. When the body is sick, the regular course of action is to go see a doctor, and it should also be the same mental process when one is feeling mentally strained.

More often than not, anxiety sufferers also have depression and vice versa. The victims are immobilized by the inability to express what they are feeling. This is why when one suddenly feels dread and a deadening feeling in the pit of the gut that does not go away, talking to someone about it can greatly ease the discomfort. Depression causes discouragement, sadness, hopelessness, and a feeling of detachment from life that leads to thoughts of suicide and shames many into keeping these alarming symptoms hidden. Mainstream society often looks down on people suffering mental disorders because it is deemed to be a manifestation of weakness and honesty about it results in being stigmatized. Shame and ridicule is the fear for those suffering, thus leading to trapped emotions.

These trapped emotions are toxic because their unprocessed nature becomes stressors in the body that can break down the immune system, exacerbating the problem. Not only will the anxious get depressed, they will also suffer a surfeit of physical maladies. Repression is also a factor, and when one denies experiencing a feeling (e.g., not admitting to feeling sad or angry), this blatant denial can trap the negativity inside the body, and that will show itself in physical manifestations.

People who find themselves acting out of character, like changes in appetite and lack of interest in activities one used to enjoy, and unwelcome fluctuations in sleeping patterns should invest some time in figuring out if these conditions are symptoms of events that one may have a hard time coping with. If these are reactions to stress, then they may be easily treatable by a vacation or maybe a heartfelt conversation with a good friend, but if, for no reason, such symptoms persist, it may be high time to consult a doctor.


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