Service over Self

It’s a lot better to help others.

“It is better to give than to receive,” they say. Everyone has heard that quote at some point in their lives. However, not everyone applies this age-old adage; instead, they follow the opposite. We all have been taught to put others first before ourselves. Although a healthy dose of self-love can be good every now and then, we all have to do our part in helping our fellow human beings out, especially in times of need.

Imagine yourself being in the shoes of someone in an unfortunate predicament, desperately in need of assistance. Just a simple act of kindness from a stranger can turn that person’s day from bad to good.

Giving is obeying God’s command. As with every command, it is given for the purpose of enhancing our lives. On top of that, giving also increases our happiness. Despite the pain it may entail, giving and sacrificing for the benefit of others is living the message of the Gospel in a small scale. It also expresses our faith and trust in God’s ability to provide for us and our families. The Lord loves and appreciates seeing His people actively providing for the necessities of His church and all His creations through opening their hearts and hands. He lauds individuals who devote themselves to fulfilling Gospel work.

Keep in mind that giving doesn’t only promote God’s work through us, it also shows our sanctification. As we give with the real intention to help, our sinful and selfish natures weaken every time. As God’s grace enters and spreads into our hearts, sin heads straight toward the exit.

The Lord has a big heart that just keeps on giving; His generous nature also displays His compassion. As human beings who live according to His will, for all the blessings we have received, we must return the favor by giving back to others. Helping others not only cleans out your conscience, but it also makes you a much happier person.

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