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When we are children we are practically in constant motion: walking, running, jumping, climbing. However, as we grow up, this constant activity slow down dramatically. Here is where we have to develop a plan for physical activities. Activities, such as sports, or in the form of regular daily physical exercises to keep our bodies fit is essential to maintain our health.

However, our for ever advancing modern technology while for one side, makes our lives’s daily tasks easier, it  ends reducing drastically our physical activity, for example the amount of time spent hunched over the computer, taking the elevator instead of walking up or down to the next  floor.

We must be aware of the mark reduction in movements of our bodies parts and as everyone of us knows, the saying: “use it or loose it”. And this statement is specially applied to the locomotion system of the body: the muscular system.

If we do not exercise enough, our muscular system gradually became smaller and its strength weakens. This result in atrophy of the muscles. From then on, the person needs to put more effort into his/her body’s physical activities to achieve what previously was an easy muscular task. Cause and effect.

Family, Friends, All People of the World,  Please, Listen!! If you want to be healthy, develop and follow a health plan for your life that includes the following: 1. Exercise program. 2. Eat healthy. 3. Avoid bad habits and bad company. 4. Keep your mind/thoughts  free of negative thoughts and emotions.

To develop a proper exercise program you can get  help from a gym instructor, or get help from the Web. Make sure that you core muscles(muscles in your trunk and abdomen) are exercised properly and keep their strength. Additionally, you can learn and practice: Yoga, Tai Chi, or other sports. Keep moving.

A proper healthy diet is essential to nourish your body for daily needs, (protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals) and for growth where needed. Prefer to eat fresh fruits,(not canned) vegetables, fish, chicken and less beef. Avoid sugars in any form as much as possible, as well as sugary desserts and drinks that are full of empty calories, and will keep you demanding for more. Try to drink filtered water (free of toxins)

Avoid acquiring bad habits or, bad company.  Why? Because habits are difficult (but Not Impossible) to eradicate. Do Not start smoking, or using drugs because your best friend does. He is NOT your best friend to have. Try to change his behavior. If he does Not change. Please, let go of him/her.

Keep your mind and thoughts free of negative thoughts and emotions. We are our thoughts. We do what we think about.  Proverb 23:7  “As a man thinks, so he is.” Read it, It is in the Bible. “Love your neighbor as thyself.”  May God Bless you always.


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