Strong Muscles Can Not Be Developed By Sedentary Living!

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Physical exercise is essential for our health. Walking, Yoga and others are excellent exercises. But, if we want to develop and maintain our muscular power, it is essential to do resistance exercises. We need to challenge our muscular system to develop and maintain our muscular strength.  When we are young, we do not recognize the importance of the muscular system. We take it for granted. We walk up and down, several blocks and even miles without much effort.

But let me tell you a secret! So, you do not postpone resistance exercise, until latter years when your muscles are almost non existent.  Start resistance exercise Now, before you need a cane to be able to walk a block.

This type of exercise, resistance muscular training, is especially necessary as we approach our third decade of life. Because, as early as in our late twenties our muscles start to gradually decline in size and power. So, let’s challenge our muscles with resistance exercises before the muscles start  to atrophy!

It is advisable to get the right training. A  good trainer will help you to start at the higher/lower level of resistance the person can tolerate. Then, gradually increasing the weight/resistance as needed. By gradually increasing the resistance exercises, the muscles have enough time to gradually adjust to increase it’s strength and size, thus avoiding muscular damage by an abrupt resistance increase when the muscles are not ready for it.

It is important to be aware of the essential nutritional needs while practicing resistance muscular training.  A revision of the current diet and an update may be necessary to facilitate the growth of the new tissue.  Since we are creating more muscular tissue, the person has to supplement his/her diet with the necessary nutrients such as proteins, minerals and vitamins. Eating more fish, eggs, chicken and some beef together  with salads, vegetables and fruits, will help to create a well balanced diet.  Enjoy your new strength and vitality by practicing resistance muscular training!!!

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  1. Migdalia, you are brilliant! Regular exercise, especially strength training, is so important for everyone! I’m so thankful our paths have crossed & I get to see you at the gym on a regular basis!

    1. Thank You Kelly! It is a pleasure and a learning experience to attend your classes at IronSide Athletics every week!! Keep the good works!!! Migdalia.

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