What is Cancer?

Who can answer that question with precision?

How do cancer cells look like? How is cancer initiated? Can Cancer be prevented?

Let’s imagine we are looking to a stained slide of cancer tissue through a binocular microscope at high magnification. Right away, we see a disorganized irregular group of dark cells infiltrating the adjacent normal tissue.

We know that cancer is an abnormal and invasive growth of malignant cells. Having said the above, let’s define abnormal. An abnormal cell (not a normal cell) is not only larger in size, but it varies in shape. Cancer cells are hyperchromatic (darker stained than normal cells) and are frequently in mitosis (division or replication). A malignant cell does not recognize normal borders of healthy tissues but infiltrates and overlaps healthy tissue, eventually producing a tumor mass. The resulting tumor mass may produce pain and/or interfere with the normal function of the organ or tissue where the tumor is located. But, the tumor mass does not stay put. It spreads (metastasizes) to other parts of the body.

How? As a Pathologist with years of experience, my opinion is that cancer does not metastasize via lymphatic or blood vessels as is commonly believed. It is my opinion, that Cancer spreads by the transformation of the in situ cancer-primed or infected macrophages, where ever the macrophages happen to be.

It is common knowledge that inheritance is not a great factor, only 3 percent incidence. Cancer does not appear suddenly, and there are many contributing factors to facilitate cancer formation by producing an acidic environment in the body. For example, a poor diet based on fried foods, sugary desserts, drinks, and smoking.

But the big question is: What is the cause of cancer? What causes cancer? Is it of genetic origin, environmental origin, or a combination of both? Is it an infectious process occurring in toxic (polluted) individuals? How about cancer in children (e.g. neuroblasoma), aren’t they too young to be too polluted at this early in age?

We must remember pollution occurs from our environment: air, water, food, all included in the physical realm. But pollution also can and do occur at the mental level, such as having to confront frustrating problems in our daily life where trapped negative emotions unknown to us may occur. Those trapped negative emotions with time, if not removed, will produce blockages to the regular flow of energy.  The blockages will eventually manifest through clinical symptoms difficult to diagnose if the doctor is not aware. A trapped emotion may also be the cause of the symptoms, and with time, a disease will manifest if the trapped emotion is not removed.

Trapped emotions once detected, can easily be removed by a professional Energy Healer. Persons suffering from cancer respond better to the cancer treatment when his/her trapped emotions are removed. Now, regarding children with cancer, perhaps they aren’t exposed to toxins, but remember, they were, for nine months in their mother’s uterus. They have been exposed to whatever the mother was having during the pregnancy, including trapped emotions that the newborn may inherit or receive at birth. (Please, read “The Emotion Code”  book, by Dr. Bradley Nelson for more information on this subject.)

In addition to cancer’s contributing factors, I must mention Otto Heinrich Warburg, a Nobel laureate. In 1924, he postulated that cancer metabolism is fermentative, opposite to normal cells’ aerobic metabolism. Normally, cells use oxygen in their metabolic process, while cancer cells do not. Cancer cells are anaerobic. Oxygen is toxic to cancer cells.

In my book, “Cancer Biology, A Study Of Cancer Pathogenesis,” I presented the concept that when a person is polluted, and their immune system is impaired, this person is open to all kind of infections, viral, bacterial or fungal. For example, the fungal organism, if compatible with the host, may couple with the mitochondrial DNA, and form an infectious embryo that will change the normal oxidation metabolism of the normal cell, to the fermentation metabolism of the fungus. And here is where cancer is initiated, by this infection process.

Why? Because, from then on, the infected cell cannot go back to its normal oxidation metabolic process, but continue with the fermentation metabolism of the infectious organism. It is then, that one important defense system of the body takes over: the macrophages, the scavengers (the garbage collectors of the body).

The macrophages start engulfing/eating the infected cells to protect the body. But in the process, the macrophages become infected and replicates trying to protect the body from the infection, and so on. Now, this endless process of transformation of macrophages starts to form a mass, a tumor, a malignant tumor mass of infected macrophages  of —a cancer tumor that cannot be stopped.

The macrophages trying to protect the body, get infected and form a tumor mass. They, – the macrophages- die doing their job trying to protect the body from the infectious invader.  But in the end, let’s think about it.  Who created the circumstances? The patient. Us. All, by us, (you and I) not eating proper balanced diet, but eating acid-producing fast foods and sugary desserts, and by holding trapped negative emotions such as. envy, hate, anger, revenge, etc. These trapped negative emotions produce blockages for the normal body energy channels to flow, and toxins start to accumulate, thus creating the proper toxic environment for disease to happen.

How can we prevent cancer? We have to be selective of the foods we eat, avoid junk foods and sugars. Prefer to eat more fresh vegetables, less meat, more fish and chicken and fruits, all eaten in a pleasant environment.

We have to be more physically active, try to reduce stress, and also we should try to avoid negative thinking, such as holding negative thoughts of envy, hate, revenge, anger, jealousy, and replace them with positive thoughts. Let us take a clear vision of what we are doing to ourselves.  We are the creator of who we are, and no one can change our behavior, but ourselves. So, let’s try to change for the better.  Let us be loving, caring, tolerant,  forgiving, helpful, happy, and productive. We have to remember that no one is perfect. “Love thy neighbor as thyself.”



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  1. This blog is on of the most refreshing blogs you will ever read on cancer……yes, the author provides what most physicians do not….HOPE! If, just “if” fungi cause cancer to initiate, then the patient becomes more involved in the treatment and eventual cure. Foods either feed fungus, or they starve it-your choice! Wonderful, helpful and hopeful blog!

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