For A Healthy Long Life, You Need A Healthy-Living Plan


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While it is not too late to reverse the process of ageing, we should remember that as early as in our late twenties our bodies start to decline. Our skin elasticity and muscles tone gradually lessen, but we are not aware of the changes being taken place. So, we need to develop a plan of action without delay. Please, do not procrastinate!

If you postpone practicing antiaging healthy habits, you are open to progressive aging, and to the possibility of developing chronic degenerative diseases, such as Diabetes, Heart Disease, Hypertension, Arthritis, Cancer and others. We are not going to be healthy, by eating junk food, such as fried potatoes, starchy foods, desserts and sugar-loaded drinks and foods. We can not behave as children, but as an adult we have the responsibility to learn to eat proper healthy food, and to teach our children healthy eating habits.  We can Not let our bodies to control our  Mind, but, we have to train our Mind to Control our Body.

Most of us are aware that to keep good health, we should eat a healthy diet, keep healthy body weight, maintain physical activities, and do muscular strengthening exercises to avoid being a cripple at a later age.

Practicing the above will keep us active, healthy and younger looking. Eat plenty of fresh vegetables, salads and fruits. It give you vitamins and fibers to keep you bowel healthy and with good motility. Avoid fried food, but prefer broiled, baked or roasted. Drink filtered water and avoid GMO (Genetic Modified-Organism treated plants).

If you have difficulty in keeping the plan, joining a Health Club will help you with the progressive exercises and physical activity. A Dietitian can develop a proper balanced diet plan according to your needs.  You can also get great information via the internet and Wikipedia. Be happy and enjoy life!

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