For A Healthy Life, Review And Change Bad Habits

When we were younger, we all remember how easy we were able to eat any kind of foods without increasing our waist size. However, this is not the same as we age. If we want to keep our health, a review and change of our daily eating and activities may be necessary.
It is important to be aware, that only we are in control of the kind of foods we eat. Do not let tempting food advertisements convince you to eat it without further consideration.

First, as you probably know, there is danger in over-consumption of sugar. Most of the prepackaged food is usually loaded with sugar. So, it is important to read the labels. Sugar does not have nutrient value, but empty calories. Calories do not contribute to your health. Sugar upsets the hormonal balance by increasing the glucose levels by changing the insulin metabolism.

Second, I can not over -claim the importance of proper strengthening exercises to keep our health in check. Exercise not only keep our  body in shape, but helps on reducing our stress and increase the feeling of wellbeing. Strong muscles increase our immunity.

Third, a good nutrition plan rich in proteins is essential to nourish and maintain strong muscles. Good protein sources are: chicken, turkey, lean red meat in moderation, fish and fresh seafood, low fat organic dairy products, and whey or nondairy protein powder.  We can use  non-meat sources of proteins as lentils, legumes, beans, seeds and nuts. Antioxidants are necessary to neutralize the free- radicals found in unnatural substances we are exposed and consume  that promotes oxidation damage. The best sources of anti-oxidants are found in fresh fruits and vegetables.

Fourth, eliminate from your food trans-fats. Trans-fats promote, cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. Trans-fats are found in partially hydrogenated vegetable oil and should be avoided. Good fats are found in pure olive oil, avocado, nuts and nut butters, and in coconut, coconut oil, and coconut products.

I hope, the above recommendations help you in achieving a healthy balance of life and happiness.  Enjoy Life!!! and always be thankful to God.

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