A Thankful Prayer, Admit Our Sins, And Ask For Forgivenes.

Dear family, friends, and to all people of the world, please, let all of us join together with  a sincere, deep feeling of love and thankfulness within each of our hearts, to Give Thanks to The All Mighty God, The Creator Of All, for giving us life, and the possibility to have family, and of being able to enjoy a healthy and productive life.  This confession has to be sincere, from deep within our heart, and not superficially from our mouth .  Think of all your wrong doings and of you bad thoughts and sincerely repent.  Start the New Year with a clean soul, mind and body.
We, confess, we are sinners, we repent from our sins, and we, all of the people of the world, ask of You, The Creator Of All, to Forgive Us. We do not hold any feelings of envy, hate, retaliation, revenge, anger, or any negative thoughts towards our neighbors or any person.  Our feelings are of “love our neighbors as I love myself”, to live in harmony and cooperation, and to help each other as needed with Your Powerful Help. Please God, we repent for our sins, from deeply within our hearts, and we ask for Your forgiveness and Your guidance for a better and peaceful life. We want peace and love within our family and neighbors, as well as, peace with all the nations. We desire peace on Earth, and peace in the Universe. Thank You, God. Amen.

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