May God, Bless USA, And The World, With Peace, Health, and Prosperity.

To welcome the New Year 2017, Happy New Year, wishing you, Health and Prosperity!!!

I hope all of us, humbled ourselves, and from our hearts, said, “A thankful Prayer, Admit Our Sins, And Ask For Forgiveness”. (as published in previous blog).
Once that is done, please, let’s proceed to write in detail our New Year Resolutions according to each of our needs.

  1. In order to maintain/improve our health, we all need to have a physical exercise plan. Do not procrastinate, get going.
  2. Revise your  professional life, and update where needed. Remember, no one is perfect. We notice other people’s imperfections, but unfortunately we do not see our own. Be considerate, grateful, forgiving. Do not get, and hold negative thoughts such as: anger, do not seek revenge, do not envy.  Having negative thoughts, attract more negativity into your life.
  3.  Envision, and write it down, where do you see yourself in five, ten years, from now. If you do not know where are you going, you never get there.
  4. Once you have all detailed, and written down, make sure you reed and revise it, before bedtime, daily/weekly as needed, to make sure you follow your plan. Be consistent. We, all have to start with a written plan of what is the vision for our lives, and persistently work on it. Revise and modify it, as needed. Remember, never is too late, to improve our lives. Decide, start, and continue. Persist!   Wishing you The Best and God’s Blessings.

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