The Best Way to Activate Your Mind Is By Execising Your Body

When we do physical exercises, we accelerate the blood flow through our body by the increased pumping action of our heart. This leads also our lungs, to increase our respiratory rate, helping to oxygenate our blood.
The oxygenated blood helps to remove toxins, as well as, nourish, not only the muscles, but also all the organs in the body, including the brain.
Having an oxygenated brain is essential for clear thinking, having a good memory, and for making good decisions.

From the above statements, you can see the fundamental importance, that physical exercises play in our physical, emotional, and intellectual part of life. The importance of practicing physical exercises, is especially noticeable when we reach our mid-fiftieth when we are overstressed, with our life demands, and we have long forgotten, and not doing, any elaborated physical activity, practiced when younger.

Please, be aware now, at this mid-age point in life, stress, and lack of physical exercise when most likely, people suffer from some sort of signs or symptoms such as stress, obesity, high blood pressure, heart attack, diabetes, or any other catastrophic condition may manifest.

Please, make sure to consult with your doctor to have a physical check-up, as well as laboratory tests, as needed. Also, ask your doctor’s advice about a physical exercise plan according to your condition.

If your doctor finds, your blood tests and physical mostly normal, he will modify your diet, and allow starting exercises according to your capability. He may suggest a consultation with a gym-specialist.

If you are overweight, you should avoid, or greatly reduce sugars, sweet drinks, alcohol, and desserts, as well, as pasta, spaghetti, and white potato. Try to eat more fresh vegetables, such as broccoli, sweet potato, rich in vitamins and in fibers, spinach, radish, tomatoes, avocados, salads, chicken, fish,  tuna, salmon, some grass-fed beef, beans, garbanzo, and fruits as, strawberries, mulberry, blackberries and blueberries all rich in antioxidants. Try to use olive oil and avoid vegetable oils with trans-fats. You may consider drinking Green tea, and meditation to bring peace and calm to your life.

Consult a nutritionist if needed. I hope the above information is useful to you. Best wishes and health. Keep Moving!!

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