To Fully Benefit From Whatever You Are doing, Fully Concentrate On It.

The above statement can, and must be used in everything we do or work on. But it is, most commonly overlooked specially, when we sit to eat. An important part in keeping our health, is not only the quality of the food we eat, but also the way we eat our food.  To fully benefit and enjoy our food, we should find a pleasant place to sit down to eat.  Avoid unnecessary distractions and concentrate on enjoying the flavors and different textures of the food. Try to shew well and slowly, enjoying every bit of it.  Do not try to eat fast, but slow down and enjoy it to the fullest. By concentrating and enjoying the flavors you will find more satisfied and avoid over eating.

Try not  over eat, but stop when you are almost satisfied to about 80% full. Practicing the above suggestions, will assist you in eliminating over eating, and  indigestion problems. and it will help you to continue to enjoy life and keep yourself healthy.

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