To Be Susccesful, Get Rid Off Negativity.

Few of us are aware of the reason, why we were born?  Do you know, why were you born? Of course, Not. Most of us are born, lives our lives, and died without ever realizing, why was I born?
According to the ancient knowledge of Kabbalah, we are born with the imagen of God, but with some imperfect characteristics that have to be corrected. Our object in life is to make the necessary corrections.  As we grow up, and correct our ways, so we become closer to God.

Usually, it takes various reincarnations to correct our errors. We reincarnate not in the same body. When we die, the body, the flesh dies for good. What is reincarnated, is our spiritual part, our soul/spirit (our alma, in Spanish), our God giving part, that is born again, but with a different dress or body(the mortal physical part).
To help us correct our errors, committed in previous reincarnations, life presents us with difficulties or blockages, problems that we have to solve in our current life. It is important to act in a positive way while trying to solve the problems, otherwise we will, without realizing it, could create more negativity or blockages in our lives.

Having a positive outlook on life, helps us to create more positivity and success in life. No one wants to be around a negative, naggings  and lazy person. So cheer up, smile and perhaps attract another positive person willing to help you solve the present situation. By discussing the situation with friends and/or family the problems can be visualized from different points of views, not previously noted by our own perception, but now easily seen as the best solution.

Be thankful and appreciate sincerely those who participated, and helped you in the solution to the problem.  May God continue blessing you!!

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