To Protect Your Health, Get Rid Of Excuses To Exercise

Friday, 17 March 2017

Most of us usually try to find excuses, when efforts are demanded from us.  Exercising is one thing, that most person avoid, as much as possible, because it is easy to find an excuse: I am too busy, or I am too tired, or I will decide later. But think about it,  it is all … Read More

Have You Ever Sprouted? It Is Easy, And Eating It, Is Healthy.

Friday, 10 March 2017

Sprouts are an inexpensive way to supply our bodies with concentrated vitamins, minerals, and enzymes.  Sprouts are “live” foods.   Sprouts are rich in highly antioxidants that prevent DNA damage, and protect us from aging. There are a varieties of seeds that you can use for sprouting, for example Lentil is rich in protein close  26%. You … Read More