The Origin Of All Diseases, And How To Prevent.

The stability of our health depends on the balance between these two organs, the heart and the liver. The heart pumps the oxygen-rich blood to all the parts of the body, and the liver remove the toxins created in the body. If there is a disharmony, or disbalance in the functioning between these two organs, disease will appear.

For example, if John is angry with his ex-wife and continue to hold that anger after years of being divorced, that retained emotion of anger will cause a disbalance, a space, a separation, between his heart and his liver functions, and this will be the cause of a disease manifested in other organ.

The function of the heart is to give nourishment to the body, and that of the liver is to remove toxins.  But the liver can not remove the toxins/negativity, because John is still holding anger against his ex-wife.

The only way to help John avoid disease produced by  his retained anger, is to explain to him the situation,and help him to let go of his anger, authorizing his Energy Healer to remove the trapped emotion of anger. Thus, allowing the liver to do its job of removing the toxin, in this case, the trapped emotion of anger. Subsequently, restoring the balanced relationship between the heart and the liver, and preventing disease to develop.













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