To Protect Your Health, Get Rid Of Excuses To Exercise

Most of us usually try to find excuses, when efforts are demanded from us.  Exercising is one thing, that most person avoid, as much as possible, because it is easy to find an excuse: I am too busy, or I am too tired, or I will decide later. But think about it,  it is all about the quality of your health and of your life.  The longer you postpone taking action in getting involved in a physical strengthening exercise program, the harder will be to get in good shape. The exercise program should target directly all your major muscle groups taking them through  their ranges of movements under a load in the shortest possible time.  Please, do not postpone any longer, and start your exercise program now, and start  to enjoy its benefits. Those benefits are not only physical, but also emotional.

Physically, you will notice a progressive increase of muscular tone, decrease in accumulated fatty tissue, and progressively in a better body figure. Your skin will look healthier and pink, instead of pale or yellow.

Emotionally, you will feel more alive, more energetic, happier, and willing to participate. By exercising, you get an increase in in your blood flow nourishing your tissues with fresh oxygen and promoting your body to make endorphins(feel good hormones).  All people agree that a good exercise program is essential for self care. The target is to work hard enough to boost your metabolism not only during your exercise session, but for hours afterwards.

Most trainers agree that you need only two sessions of 30-40 minutes a week, if you do the exercises at the right intensity.  It is important to have a comprehensive exercise plan and keep to it.   Do not postpone any longer!!  Get moving!!  Best wishes and God’s blessing!  Have a great day improving your health!!





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