The Importance Of Probiotic, and of Vitamin D.

What are probiotics?  Probiotics are the normal bacteria found in the gastrointestinal tract.  When they are in diverse and balance and in numbers, these bacteria protect us from pathogens and toxins, make neurotransmitters, certain vitamins, and anti-inflammatory compounds, support healthy detoxification; and impact how much we weight, how our immune system function, the state of our mental health, how we react to stress. It also helps to maintain a healthy insulin  function and blood sugar balance. However, disruption of all these functions occur with the Standard American Diet, or by antibiotic drugs, and anti-bacterial household and personal care products affect our friendly bacteria.

To keep a healthy intestinal flora, a daily  probiotic supplement is advisable.

A recent study revealed that more than half of 214 college football players tested were deficient in vitamin D, while 86% had inadequate levels (below 31 ng.mL). The players with low levels  had a significantly higher rate of muscle strain and injury. Adequate levels of vitamin D are important to maintain good  muscle and bone health, but there is more to it.  There are vitamin D receptors in every cell and tissue in our bodies, and it influences more than 1,000 genes, turning them off or on as needed.  Vitamin D also plays a vital role in immunity, pain management, cancer prevention, cardiovascular health, blood sugar regulation, mental health, and cognition. It is difficult to improve or maintain health with insufficient levels of vitamin D,  Studies indicate that levels of vitamin D between 60 and 80 ng/mL are needed to support optimal health, including reducing cancer risk.

So, pay attention and enjoy a healthy life!

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