Mindful Meditation A Poweful Healer.

Mindful meditation was introduced by Jon Kabat-Zinn to numerous American Hospitals during the past 30 years. He teaches at the University of Massachusetts.
Although there are many types of meditation, this type consists of focusing on the sensations of the present moment, and nothing more. Breath is used as a focal point by bringing the attention constantly back to the feeling of the breath as it travels in and out of the of our nose and chest.
When we release our “mind chatter” and focus only on the present moment, we are granted freedom from the past (which is long gone) and future (which never arrives, because it is the now moment when it does arrives) and we get anchored in the sensations of life itself as it manifests “now”.
Mindful meditation is a powerful healer, both physically and emotionally. Scientific research has shown mindful meditation helps repair damaged neurons and form healthy new pathways, elevate mood and eliminate depression symptoms, alter the size and shape of the brain, and stave off chronic illnesses like cancer, heart disease and blood pressure.
Mindfulness meditation training increases physical and mental health by strengthening the immune system.
So, shall we try it? For better health your and mine. Let’s go for it!!

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