Drinking Alcohol is Not The Best Way To A Good Night Sleep.

The fact that alcohol may allow you to to fall asleep quicker is misleading, because the quality of sleep will be much poorer as result of the alcohol.
For people with sleep disorder, alcohol should be avoided. Alcohol can increase the number of breathing pauses that occur at night, and any disruption of oxygen flow to the brain is potentially harmful.
In short, alcohol as a sleep aid does you no favors. Use a different method to fall asleep, and you will enjoy a more restful sleep throughout the night.
The result of an expansive literature review, covering data from nearly 50 years, were recently published on the topic of alcohol use and sleep disorders.
Researchers found that insomnia can have an adverse effect on alcohol use disorder and that alcohol use disorder can have an adverse effect on insomnia. This two- way- street association underscores the fact that alcohol is the last thing an insomniac should reach for in order to get relief, as alcohol itself can increase the prevalence of sleep disturbances. The researchers found that alcohol use disorder was associated not only with insomnia, or difficulty falling asleep, but also with a shorter duration of sleep, obstructive sleep apnea, abnormal circadian rhythms and sleep-related movement disorders. If you don’t want to run the risk of worsening your sleep experiences in the long run, and are currently struggling with/or at risk for an alcohol use disorder, you have one more excellent reason to begin rehab.

Falling Asleep In A Healthy Way.
Make sure you have a regular physical exercise routine so your muscles’s tone and your body flexibility are in good shape.
To avoid setting yourself up for failure, be sure to practice a good nighttime routine to help nurture a sleepy state before bedtime. For example, put away all your electronics, tablet, phone, computer, television at least one hour before bedtime. Do not eat cake, sweets, or drink coffee or alcohol close to bedtime. You can have a cup of hot Chamomile and quiet your mind
Also, you might read your Bible. Wish you a sound sleep and blessings!!!

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