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Migdalia Arnán is a board-certified pathologist in anatomical pathology and clinical pathology and in blood banking. She practiced preventive medicine and nutrition for a few years after she stopped her practice in pathology. She strongly supports the elimination of mandatory vaccination. Dr. Arnán is currently practicing Energy Healing, including Removing Trapped Emotions and Blockages, Traditional Chinese … Read More

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"As Arnán writes in the start, and again in the end of the book, that the book will be helpful not only to the highly specialized persons like for example researchers, but also to the general public interested in learning and take active part in their health. After now having finished reading the book I fully can give her favor in this; that is good for both of the groups of persons."

—Gert Bo Thorgersen, Amazon reviewer

"Thank you for writing this book. It really helps me understand what happens in the human body on a cellular scale."

—Barnes & Noble reviewer


Jan 17, 2018

Take Control of Your Habits And Live Healthy And Longer

We have to open our eyes and Notice our lifestyles. Three top things comes to mind: 1. What kind food do we eat. 2. Do we do enough physical exercise. 3. What kind of thoughts we keep. 1. To keep our health we need to supply our bodies, with natural fresh food rich in essential … Read More

Posted By: Migdalia Arnán

Dec 24, 2017

Have We Planned for Next Year? How About Developing Our Chakras?

By studying the chakras, we learn and understand who we are. Each chakra has its own power and qualities, but in order to reach it’s maximum abilities, we have to learn how to develop each chakra’s potential and their relationship with each other.. According to yogic system, individual consciousness is part of of the universal … Read More

Posted By: Migdalia Arnán

Dec 10, 2017

To Prevent Cancer, Cabbage is a Must.

Brassicas are considered the world’s healthiest vegetables. They are a family of vegetables known for their disease fighting benefits and many know them by their more common name: cruciferous vegetables. They, like most vegetables are low in calories, sodium and fat, a good source of fiber and a wealthy source of of essential vitamins and … Read More

Posted By: Migdalia Arnán

Dec 08, 2017

You can raise your vibracions by eliminating negativity.

If you forgive and let go of negative feelings, you can raise your vibration rate for a better health. The world reveals itself to the one that needs nothing. Try to eliminate the word “Need”. Instead say, “I have everything” and I am thankful for it. Say, I have all. I am abundant, I am … Read More

Posted By: Migdalia Arnán