Can We Control Our Genes?

There is a new physics that acknowledges that the observer creates their reality.
Cellular Biologist Dr. Bruce Lipton explains: “We have come to a new way of understanding biology” … no longer are we victims of our genes.”
Dr. Lipton explains that with the help of our beliefs we can actually manipulate the way our cells read our genes and DNA. It turns out that the mind is the connecting point between belief and reality. Whatever your beliefs are, the mind goes to work creating that reality for you.
This newer field of epigenetics is shifting our perceptions. New revelations and discoveries show that the mind is not an accidental player in the realm of matter, but rather the creator and governor of the realm of matter.
What does that mean? It means that forces outside of our DNA sequences …environmental, energetic and cellular influences play a huge role in the development and functioning of our biological systems and that we can no longer point fingers only at our genes.
We can not blame our ancestors, but we have to accept that our beliefs and lifestyles play the biggest role in our lives and in our health.
Now, we have to take responsibility and empowerment and use it wisely.
According to Dr. Bruce Lipton, gene activity changes on a daily basis, and you can literally “change the fate of your cells by altering your thoughts.” Dr. Lipton explains that “your mind can alter the activity of your genes and creates over 30,000 variations of products from each gene”. Thought is the creator. We have the power to change our genetic patterns by shifting our beliefs, and reprogramming the subconcious mind.
Get rid of negative thinking and negative thoughts.
Change your thoughts will change your life. You are in control. You can not be healthy holding negative thoughts such as, hate, revenge, anger, feeling superior better than, etc.
Let’s check our minds. What are our thoughts?
Let’s eliminate negativity and change our lives for great health and success!!

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