Have We Planned for Next Year? How About Developing Our Chakras?

By studying the chakras, we learn and understand who we are. Each chakra has its own power and qualities, but in order to reach it’s maximum abilities, we have to learn how to develop each chakra’s potential and their relationship with each other..

According to yogic system, individual consciousness is part of of the universal consciousness, and universal consciousness is the ultimate reality from which everything, including mind and matter, is created.

The Spine and the brain are the primary centers of consciousness. The cerebrospinal system generates electrical/life force energy, which is distributed throughout our body by a network of nerves that forms our nervous system.

With yogic techniques, we can train and awaken our mind to compute beyond subjective perceptions of physical and emotional reality to the non-physical spiritual dimension. With yogic techniques, we can work with our chakras to develop our human faculties and therefore facilitate the evolution of our own personality.

We use meditation to calm our brain waves and obtain a neutral mind of inner peace. Finally, we experience unity in thought, feeling and action.
The ultimate goal of human evolution is becoming conscious, soul-activated human being.

As you probably know, there are seven chakras, five along the spine named: 1. root chakra,color red, by our tail bone, 2. Sexual chakra, color orange, above the first chakra. 3. Power chakra, Fire and self-steem, color yellow.. 4. Heart chakra, green color,level of heart.. 5. Fifth chakra, light blue, level of throat,Power of sound/voice/communication.  And the last two upper chakras, the sixth and the seventh are above the spine, in the brain. 6 Sixth chakra, color violet, situated in the forehead between the eyebrows, represent consciousness, neutral mind, intuition. Seventh chakra: Top of the head, Light and oneness, Divine connection, Reality Schift, transcendence.

Please note. There is an important Solar Plexus chakra located at the stomach level, The Gateway to the Heart representing Deep Emotions and Healing. Our Emotional traumas can block the flow of energy along the spine to the upper chakras, these blocked emotions requires sensitivity, self-nurturing, and good boundaries. We need to calm down, listen, and take time to process in silence and stillness. We need to be fluid, NOT Rigid. Emotions have to be heard and acknowledged. When we are able to feel deeply, we can Open our heart. Emotional self-care honors and keeps the sensitive energies flowing. Please, Do Not Use this way; “do more, be brave, and work through it”.
Remember to be Fluid and NOT Rigid.

For more information on Chakras, please I highly refer you To the book titled:” You Life Is In Your Chakras” by Guru Rattana, Ph.D Yoga Technology Phone #1/866-964-2832 http://www.yogatech.com

May AlMighty GOD, continue to Bless you All, with Health, Success and Happiness. Please, do not hold negative emotions such as, Anger, Hate, Envy, Feeling Better than others, etc. Holding those negative emotions will lower your vibration rate. Be a good person, love your neighbor as yourself, be happy and joyful. Enjoy life!!

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